“We had a great half day with Alan and his birds. Firstly, we had a
tour of the aviary and were introduced to all his birds – our
favourite was Guinevere, a young eagle who couldn’t quite fly and had
the run of the garden. Then we went to the training ground, where Alan showed us how to fly a young Kestrel called Moos and Winston the  Barn Owl. After lunch we picked up Kia the Harris Hawk and went out into the lovely countryside behind Alan’s house. There we learnt how to launch her into the top of a convenient tree where she would wait whilst we
walked off for 70 yards or so. Then with a whistle she would fly onto
our outstretched arm. It was amazing to get a rabbit’s eye view of a hawk in attack mode!
After a mile or so and several flights, it was unfortunately time to
call it a day and Kia was carried home. All in all it was a very interesting and enjoyable day, and good to see the close bonds that Alan had with all his birds.”


Mr & Mrs Wright

“Amazing! Amazing! Just totally amazing! I am amazed by birds of prey and have done many experience days at some renowned falconry centres. What Alan offers is second to none. I was then treated to a training demo of a young kestrel – “Moos”. Then Alan took me out to fly a small barn owl – “Winston”. We then went out to fly a large harris hawk. I had total control of the bird for our walk in the fantastic Somerset countryside for well in excess of 2 hours. It was exhilarating. Alan is passionate and extremely knowledgeable and what’s more, he is not a clock watcher. I paid for a 4 hour experience but it was in excess of 5 hours – value for money. I haven’t spoken about his rehabilitation of wild birds of prey so I would recommend you go and find out for yourself. I will be going back.”

Mr S Walsh